She, in the haze and SEKAI NO OWARI are similar

My preferences change year by year. My iPod playlist has been changed dramatically from last year and my past self would have opened eyes wide in astonishment--my tastes have changed so much.
Basically, I’m not completely sure what I will like anymore in the future. That's why I put together this music news site, where I am trying to listen to all the interesting new releases I’ve heard of.
And recently there is a name that I often see on music blogs; a band called “She, in the haze”. She in the fog—A name that is actually kind of negative…
Usually when you talk about a band you think of live drums with cutting electric guitars, but this isn’t that kind of a band. They use a lot of electric sounds, with an unusual mix of guitar, drums, and keyboard, so maybe rather than band I should say music group or unit?
I chose them to review this time because there is something special about them to consider. As I wrote in the title, they seem a little similar to SEKAI NO OWARI, at least that's what I thought.
Are they just imitating SEKAI NO OWARI? No, I’m not saying that. In fact their songs are very different—nothing similar—and they have no Clown standing behind them.
Yet, something feels similar. What? I’m not sure but there is something in common.

Today, I’d like to compare She, in the haze to a kind of funny trend common in bands these days.
"Start playing and put in the chorus within 30 seconds" In recent years this has become an iron rule in the Japanese music industry. However, SITH puts the same phrase repeated up to 49 seconds. It’s almost like a cancer. The intro last 1 minute 20 seconds. You have time to soak the noodles of your cup ramen and start eating!
They do not look alike SEKAI NO OWARI, and the music has rather strangely serious chord progressions. The synth sounds remind me of old Linkin Park. There’s a lot of feelings in the music, and the lyrics are all in English.
So, why do I say they remind me of SEKAI NO OWARI? Are you expecting SEKAI NO OWARI, and angrily demanding “Please bring out Nakajin! , Congrats on your wedding, Saori-chan!!”
Please wait and I will explain…

I feel like Fukase seems to be opening a fridge door in a house of strangers without asking. The music gives you a power to believe in himself which is amazing. Power is almost emanating from his eyes. I feel his spirit is so strong that his eyes look like my aunt who is addicted to religion; scary stuff!
Usually people can’t help feeling a little uneasy, they feel weak with no confidence in the strength of their opinions. But his music can break that feeling. Otherwise he wouldn’t build up his own Live house or saying “there is no fear, you are not alone” in his song without knowing individual circumstances of listeners. Actually, I’m alone in a room at 2AM and suddenly someone’s at the door. “I am scared! Help save me Fukase!”
And like SEKAI NO OWARI, She, in the haze also focus on themes like Anxiety, loneliness, and other dark but all too real feelings people experience. Such lyrics seem as if they are written by someone who went through a difficult childhood, but just like sweet tasting crops which were grown in a harsh environment, perhaps this gives focus and strength to the music.
Putting aside personal likes and dislikes, I think there is an almost religious fervor of the fans of these musicians. The images of fantastic worlds, ruins, little white girls, etc. should appeal to those who like SEKAI NO OWARI I think.

I guess there are clowns. Wow.

Even though the musical style is different, when I listen to this Fukase’s face comes to mind, and somehow the special musical frequencies seem to match. This kind of matching isn’t limited to SITH and SEKAI NO OWARI, but can be found in other places in the entertainment and art worlds, and even in sports. I had similar feelings from watching one of Shunji Iwai’s movies as well.

A lot of music has a religious atmosphere, but She, in the haze almost creates a cult. I think it can become addicting music to some, while others may hate it. I think the group has a real personality and they do a good job marketing that personality.

So, do you like it? Do you hate it?

Either way, religion can be troublesome to families and others, but I think that music is good if it grabs your attention.

That’s all for now...